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Table of Specifications for Grade 8 English

There will be a district level examination at the end of Grade Eight in which 25% mark is allocated to listening and speaking skills and 75% mark is allocated to reading and writing skills. For differently abled students, alternative questions can be asked depending on the condition of the students. Candidates should obtain pass marks (40%) separately for both listening/speaking and reading/writing to pass the examination.

Listening (10 marks)

Speaking (15 marks)

Reading (40 marks)

Writing (35 marks)

Question Types:

1. Multiple Choice

2. Fill in the gaps

3. True/False

4. Tick the correct answers

5. Ordering

Materials :

1. Cassette/Monitors' voice

2. Pictures, maps, diagrams, etc.

Note : The monitor plays some listening text and provides any 2 types of questions mentioned above; each carrying 5 marks.

Question Types:

1. Interview- 5 Marks

2. Describing persons, pictures, charts, a sequence of events or retelling a story- 10 marks

Materials : Questions for interview, pictures, maps, diagrams, etc.

Note : The monitor/teacher requires to relate the language functions while assessing students' speaking performance.

Question Types:

a.Short-answer questions

b. Ordering

c. True/False

d. Matching

e. Multiple choice

g. Fill in the blanks

1. Two seen texts (10+10)20 Marks

2. Two unseen texts (10+10) = 20 Marks

Note : Short-answer questions can be asked from both seen and unseen texts.

However, the other types of questions should not be repeated. Vocabulary items can also be asked in matching and fill-in types.

Question Types

1. Guided writing 2 x 5 = 10 Marks

Ask any two questions. Interpreting charts and diagrams, dialogues, biographies, news stories, curriculum vitae, leaflet

2. Free writing 1 x 15 = 15 Marks

A Personal letter or a letter of apology, essay: (150 words)

3. Grammar 10 marks

a. Tense

b. Preposition

c. Articles

d. Relative clauses

e. Voice

f. Reflexive pronouns

g. Reported speech

h. Subject verb agreement

i. Question tag

j. Connectives.

Type of questions : Fill in the gaps Multiple choice Transformation

Note : There will be 10 questions each carrying 1 mark.


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